One of the keys to the success of any organization in the world today is not only the compliance of the products or services to specified requirements the requirements set by the law, but also ensuring the stability of such compliance.

... Customers trust reliable companies that can provide the expected result, and even exceed those expectations. ...

The international organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a series of management system standards for companies wishing to control their procedures. ISO standards are developed in such a way that any company can use them to improve the management of its processes. Their main goal is to help organizations organize their own processes so as to control them as much as possible and avoid unnecessary operations. Implementation of ISO standards can prevent the most negative situations, as well as manage the "bottlenecks."

.. International ISO standards are recognized and used in many countries around the world, promoting the development of international trade. ...

Our experts can provide the necessary documentation for management systems and help with successful certification according to such standards:

ISO 22000
For manufacturers of food products, feeds, and items in contact with foodstuffs

The aim is the management of food safety throughout the food chain. It is based on HACCP principles, the implementation of which is compulsory by the law.

ISO 9001
Quality Management

It is suitable for all enterprises regardless of the products or services provided, as the quality must be controlled everywhere. Do you want to have a stable quality product? ISO 9001 will help you to set up processes to achieve this result.

ISO 45001
It is the replacement to OHSAS 18001

Although it has a more harmonized structure like ISO 9001, and covers more aspects than the previous standard based on current variable operating conditions.

ISO 14001
Environmental Management

This standard aims to manage the environmental risks of enterprises and demonstrates environmental awareness In today`s world, it is important to establish our own activity so as to cause the least harm to the environment, and even improve it.

ISO 27001
It ensures the information security of your company and your customers

The purpose is to protect the company`s data from unauthorized access and illegal use.

ISO courses
ISO courses for internal auditors

Specialized training on one of the ISO systems to obtain the necessary level of competence by the company`s internal auditors.

....ISO Certification is an evidence of stability and reliability of partners...

Contact our experts to implement and certify your business according to these standards.

When you contact us, you get these benefits:

  • The development of the management system by our expert allows yous to obtain additional consultation of an independent party to improve various processes in the workplace and eliminate negative factors.
  • you do not need to have a special expert who will develop management system documentation. Our experts will provide much faster and more efficient development of management systems on the basis of their experience in this field..
  • after the development of management system documentation we will teach you how to deal with them in the future to support and develop the management system.
  • maintain the certification process until the certificate is successfully obtained.

Call us for advice on ISO standards or contact us in any convenient way, and our experts will help you with the implementation of ISO management systems and certification of your business.