ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Standard is a model of managing an organization's activities to ensure its effectiveness. In simple terms, it is a set of techniques, plans, procedures, reports, and a number of other documented processes that are integrated into the system to make the outcome of your work better.

ISO 9001 Standard adopted in 190 countries in which it was harmonized in accordance with the requirements of national law. Today we got the fifth latest version of ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

The ISO 9001 Standard is multipurpose since quality can and should be controlled by businesses of any size and type of economic activity. The certification checks the production, not the product itself. The standard which has been introduced, hereafter gives the right to appropriate product labeling.

The ISO 9001 quality management system Certificate demonstrates the compliance with the requirements of this Standard and he is also a powerful marketing tool. In most cases, the ISO 9001 Certificate is a necessary requirement for participation in tenders, for working with trading networks and for entering to the international market. To provide certification it is necessary that the enterprise has already developed and implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001, which our specialists are ready to fulfill.

The complex of services of our company includes:

1) analysis of company documentation regarding the possibility of implementing the system according to ISO 9001 Standard;

2) developing documents and implementation of quality management system. Additionally, we can train your staff;

3) obtaining an ISO 9001 Certificate from a national or international body of your choice.

The Certificate issues for 3 years, with annual audits. After the Certificate expires, the recertification is carried out. The cost of this kind of work depends on the complexity of the quality management system and the size of the enterprise.

Advantages of getting ISO 9001 Сertificate:

  • improving the efficiency and quality of the final product;
  • meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • possibility to sell on the European market;
  • the authority of the enterprise among consumers.
  • Contact us! Our professionals will assist you with the development and implementation of a quality management system, staff training and obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate.