The staff is the main resource of the enterprise for its continuous development. Therefore, the company can win the trust of consumers by displaying the ability strategy of employees.In turn, a clear understanding of their duties by employees in terms of technological processes modernization and constant changes in legislation requirements not only increases the overall efficiency , but also reduces the risks of possible failures.

In the process of implementation the management system according to international standards, employees should undergo specialized training to acquire the necessary competencies and skills.

We provide the necessary training of personnel in::

  • Quality Management system ISO 9001;
  • Food safety system ISO 22000;
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001;
  • Each system provides ISO 19011 standard training concerning the internal audits procedure.
  • Note! Special training is a must for members of the quality/safety/environmental management groups.

    We will choose the best option of training for you based on the number of workers and the character of business:

  • Corporate training in the territory of your organization (groups from 5 people);
  • Training group in our office;
  • Distance learning via the Internet only (Skype or Viber), either for 1 person or a group.
  • Vocational training will allow your specialists:

  • to implement the company required standard in compliance with the specific production process;
  • to adjust the structure of documents as required by the standard;
  • to meet international standards that increase your competitiveness;
  • manage risks to prevent critical situations in work;
  • regulate activities that justify and consolidate the functions, duties and responsibilities of departments and officials of the organization;
  • conduct internal audits and regular monitoring of results.
  • Investment in staff development should bring a return in the form of productivity increases, revenue growth, implementation of certain goals, reducing the time for performance, cost savings and others.

    Our workshops have practical focus and are accompanied by a certificate.

    Contact our experts for more information and individual offers.