ISO 45001

ISO 45001: 2018 International Standard - is a new standard that sets requirements for the development, implementation and management of occupational security. The implementation of this set of rules allows companies to minimize risks and harms, and defines the responsibility and accountability of management, as well as industrial safety. The main goal of appropriate standard training is to convince the employee that his or her safety is largely in his or her hands.

ISO 45001 Standard contributes the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries, and guarantees workplaces instead of OHSAS 18001. ISO 45001 Standard implements a risk-oriented approach to methodological management in critical situations. This Stadnard has been developed by experts from around 70 countries.

Companies with OHSAS 18001 certification can adapt to the new ISO 45001 Standard requirements until March 2021.

The International Standard for the Management of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is more widely used and covers both occupational safety and contractors, carriers, suppliers, and people living nearby. After all, injuries and illnesses of employees lead to instability of staff, increase in insurance, hospital payments and early retirement.

The ISO 45001 Certificate confirms the existence of the safety management system at your enterprise.

ISO 45001: 2018 Certificate of Compliance can be obtained by any entity, regardless of industry.

Advantages of ISO 45001: 2018 certification :

  • reduction of personal injury;
  • reducing hospital payments;
  • increase of labor productivity;
  • Safety confirmation for supervising bodies.
  • In addition, ISO 45001 was designed to maximize integration with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Standards.

    We will develop an ISO 45001 implementation plan for you and we will provide staff training and performance auditing, as a result, you will receive a certificate of compliance with the standard.

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